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(The horror, the horror...)

Look, more space. More stuff. I'm so happy.

This isn't an Escaflowne fic, believe me. This is an Escaflowne-related story. I wrote this for my school magazine. And this is also the result of watching all 26 episodes in 26 days, not to mention too much Physics.
Oh yeah, this is a true story, that's why it's here.

I'm so Thankful...
The essay that won me a place in the Writer's Bloc 5 (A Popular Writer's Workshop around). Very very sarcastic, scathing, depressing and defamatory. Much like the world these days. Exercise caution.
The requirements of the essay was, "Write an essay beginning with the aforementioned title". That's why I didn't bother to change the title.

Mana.jpg - 117kb
Look, I have art now! This is basically my first attempt at colouring with a computer. I used Paint Shop Pro 5 to colour it, if you're wondering.

Dmjewelle.jpg - 89kb
This is me, drawn by me. For those from Otakuwars, they'll recognize this as my OW! character. Coloured in Photoshop and then retouched with Paint Shop Pro.

clarice.jpg - 95kb
This is Clarice, another avatar/character from Otakuwars. Clarice's author is Gramarye (Her fanfic is on the 'Approved Fics' page). Coloured with colour pencil, nothing else.

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